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If #Asteroid Ford Hit The Earth, Would It Make a Sound?

Well, since 13852 Ford (the asteroid formerly known as 1999 XM96) is...

06th Nov

A very curious #asteroid indeed ( Happy #Movember )

Hmmm… The asteroid is clearly visible in this image taken a few...

02nd Nov

Would you help protect the Earth from an #asteroid impact if it cost less than a cup of coffee?

We’re more than halfway through our crowdfunding campaign to raise money for...

31st Oct

Why all of the interest in #asteroids? Here are the first 3.8 trillion reasons…

Lately, asteroids have been getting a lot of press. Especially the potentially...

28th Oct

Who Really Cares About The Threat of #Asteroid Impacts? You Might Be Surprised…

So, the big question is, if Homer J’s not worried, should you...

25th Oct

Detecting Lots of #Asteroids With A Vintage Camera – A PHASTT demonstration

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending some...

24th Oct

Asteroid near hit could have been another Chelyabinsk

Cut to the chase… I just returned from a workshop on...

10th Oct
Asteroid Vesta as imaged by the Dawn spacecraft. NASA

PHASTT Asteroid Characterization Site in Spain

I have the good fortune of being in Spain right now to...

06th Oct

Hazardous Asteroids on Indiegogo

It has been an exciting week even though we haven’t seen too...

04th Oct

The odds of dying by asteroid impact

What are the odds of dying by asteroid impact? That’s a good...

03rd Oct