Win a telescope while helping PHASTT find potentially hazardous space rocks!

On October 19, 2013 by Mike

Our Indiegogo campaigns could really use a boost!

So we’ve come up with an idea for a referral contest where you could win this…


That’s right, if we meet our funding goal, the person who has the most referrals to our campaign under their name will win a Celestron Nexstar 90 SLT computerized telescope!

The rules of the contest are simple. Here’s what you need to do…

  1. Register and login to Indiegogo
  2. Go to our PHASTT-1 and PHASTTER campaign pages
  3. Click on the like/share post to social media and/or
  4. Click on the embed button to post to your webpage/blog and/or
  5. Click on the email button to send in an email
  6. Consider contributing (even if it’s only a dollar or two)
  7. Encourage your contacts to do the same as there can only be a winner if we reach our goal
  8. Have fun!


If, at the end of our campaign we’ve reached our goal, the person with the most referrals will receive the prize!


Q: What is a referral?

A: When you share our project using one of the buttons on our pages while logged in to Indiegogo, a special ID will tie your tweet/like/mail/etc to your Indiegogo user. If someone then clicks on the link that you’ve shared, a referral will be attributed to you and you will be one referral closer to the big prize!


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