PHASTT-1 Observatory Telescope Giveaway Contest! Seriously.

On October 27, 2013 by Mike

Refractor_Cincinnati_observatoryOk. So, as you probably already know, we want to build a number of observatories to help find and characterize small (yet possibly dangerous) asteroids and comets. We’re trying to do this by crowdfunding but it has been difficult to spread the word far and wide. This is where you come in.

We really want to build the PHASTT-1 prototype observatory and we want to do it next year. So much so that we’re willing to give away the (used) PHASTT-1 optical tube assembly after it has helped us find and characterize PHAs. At this point, we’re not sure exactly what the specs will be, but, here’s what we’re hoping for…

* Commercial, off-the-shelf 20″ astrograph
* f2.5-f3.75 (depends how much funding we get)
* Probably supplied by either ASA or Officina Stellare* A new value of up to 25,000€

That’s right, if we meet our funding goal, the person who has the referred the most funding to our campaign under their name will take home the PHASTT-1 prototype optical tube after it’s 3-year mission is accomplished.

The rules of the contest are simple. Here’s what you need to do…

  1. Register and login to Indiegogo
  2. Go to our PHASTT-1 campaign pages
  3. Click on the like/share post to social media and/or
  4. Click on the embed button to post to your webpage/blog and/or
  5. Click on the email button to send in an email
  6. Consider contributing (even if it’s only a dollar or two). Remember, there can only be a winner if we reach our goal!
  7. Encourage your contacts to click on your embedded links and contribute. You’ll then get credit for their contribution.
  8. Have fun!


If, at the end of our campaign we’ve reached our goal, the person/club whose referrals have generated the most funding will receive the prize! It’s simple and it’s good for both of us! You get a chance to take home a professional-grade telescope and we get a chance test the systems and procedures that will lead to our MkII PHASTT (aka PHASTT-4ward) observatory.


p.s. Keep in mind that we’ll be giving away only the optical tube and it will be used. Even so, this is an excellent opportunity to have a chance at winning world-class telescope optics!

Q: What is a funded referral?

A: When you share our project using one of the buttons on our pages while logged in to Indiegogo, a special ID will tie your tweet/like/mail/etc to your Indiegogo user. If someone then clicks on the link that you’ve shared, a referral will be attributed to you (and you’ll have a chance at our other contest). If they then make a contribution to the project, you will then have a chance to win the PHASTT-1 OTA if we’re fully funded! And the more funding that your referrals generate, the greater your chances.

Q: Why do I not get the telescope for 3 years?

A: The key to making this project a success is actually having a telescope with which we can image asteroids and comets. We feel that 3 years is enough time for us to test and run the prototype to fully assess it’s capabilities. With this knowledge, we’ll be able to design its successor – PHASTT-4ward. And, don’t worry, 3 years will go by quickly…

Q: Will this cost me anything?

A: The only cost to you (if you’re the lucky winner) will be any shipping charges (shouldn’t be much) and/or import duties in your home country.

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