Innovative Projects

PHASTT is an innovative project to fund two potentially hazardous asteroid (PHA) observatories on opposite sides of the planet. In addition to finding, tracking and characterizing PHAs, PHASTT-1 and PHASTTER will also do important research on exo-planets and other transient objects!

Powered by the 'Crowd'

An exciting aspect of these projects is that they're being crowdfunded! As far as we know, this is a first for observatories like this. This means that we'll be able to bring the telescopes online quickly, efficiently, and relatively cheaply. And you can help make it happen!

Science With an Impact!

The PHASTT instruments are being designed to detect, track, and characterize small objects in near-Earth space. As small as 10's of meters, if we're 'lucky.' Not only will this help us prepare for possible impacts, but it will also help us plan future rendezvous missions. Exciting research that you can be a part of!

PHASTT Keeps Giving

The PHASTT network will collect a lot of data on minor planets, stars, and exo-planets. We think that it would be a shame to keep all of this locked up in a dusty, old cupboard somewhere, so, we'll be making all of the images that we gather available to you through an online virtual observatory.

Detecting Lots of #Asteroids With A Vintage Camera – A PHASTT demonstration

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending some...

24th Oct

Win a telescope while helping PHASTT find potentially hazardous space rocks!

Our Indiegogo campaigns could really use a boost! So we’ve come up...

19th Oct

400m asteroid discovered with 1-in-63000 chance of hitting Earth in 2032!

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17th Oct

Chunky Chelyabinsk ‘Captured.’ Cool. Chebarkul…

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16th Oct

Asteroid near hit could have been another Chelyabinsk

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10th Oct
Asteroid Vesta as imaged by the Dawn spacecraft. NASA

PHASTT Asteroid Characterization Site in Spain

I have the good fortune of being in Spain right now to...

06th Oct

Hazardous Asteroids on Indiegogo

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04th Oct

The odds of dying by asteroid impact

What are the odds of dying by asteroid impact? That’s a good...

03rd Oct

Asteroids ‘Whizzing’ By Earth…

It seems that near-Earth space is a pretty busy place. Asteroids whizzing...

02nd Oct
Asteroids ‘Whizzing’ By Earth…

PHASTT Asteroid Search Project Update

Well, we’re a few days into the project and it’s time for...

30th Sep
Size distribution of discovered NEA. Note how few smaller objects have been discovered. Most of the objects greater than 1km have been discovered while only about 20% of those larger than 100m have been found. Only a small fraction of those smaller than 100m have been found. Image credit: