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On October 4, 2013 by Mike

IGG_PHASTT_1It has been an exciting week even though we haven’t seen too much activity on the donation front. The team is enthusiastic about the potential of the PHASTT observatories and our we’re constantly coming up with new ideas for improving the network. What we’re proposing are relatively low-cost projects that could have a great effect on a large number of people. Because of the well-defined risk of impact, and the low-cost associated with assessing and mitigating the hazard, we feel that we are ethically obliged to do something about it. Please help us make it happen by donating through Indiegogo.

If I’m honest, the impact events that worry me the most are the small, 1-in-100 year events. The ones that, under the right conditions, could destroy a city. It’s not the mass extinction events that keep me awake at night. With the PHASTT observatories, we will provide early warnings of imminent impacts. With the smaller objects, we may only have a few days warning, but it may very well be enough time to save 10’s (if not 100’s) of thousands of lives.

Please contribute to PHASTT. Even if it’s only $1/1€, it will help us along our way!



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