A very curious #asteroid indeed ( Happy #Movember )

On November 2, 2013 by Mike

asteroid1_3Hmmm… The asteroid is clearly visible in this image taken a few weeks ago with the TFRM Baker-Nunn camera. A rather nice one. Bright and, when you zoom in, you can see an amazing amount of detail…


And, in a not-so-surprising announcement, the planet Uranus announced that it, too, would take part in helping raise awareness of prostate cancer. After the announcement, the planet was heard to say, ‘I’m behind you guys 100% of the way. It’s a great cause, so, check it out.’


Hubble image of Uranus sporting a not too obvious mo. Give it a bit of time though…

For mo information, visit the official Movember website at,


Happy Movember!


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