Crowdfunding an automagic #meteorite finder?

Ok, so the title might be a little misleading. I’m not going...

24th Dec

Yet another possible meteorite fall in Norway! Can we tell who its parents were?

On December 4th at 18:33:17 UT, a bright fireball was witnessed by...

09th Dec

So where are the #meteorites from the most recent fireball in Norway?

After writing the previous post on determining the location of a fireball...

18th Nov

Possible #meteorite fall in Norway – Finding space rocks with seismic

Last night (November 6th) at approximately 20:19 a bright fireball was observed...

08th Nov

If #Asteroid Ford Hit The Earth, Would It Make a Sound?

Well, since 13852 Ford (the asteroid formerly known as 1999 XM96) is...

06th Nov

A very curious #asteroid indeed ( Happy #Movember )

Hmmm… The asteroid is clearly visible in this image taken a few...

02nd Nov

Would you help protect the Earth from an #asteroid impact if it cost less than a cup of coffee?

We’re more than halfway through our crowdfunding campaign to raise money for...

31st Oct

Why all of the interest in #asteroids? Here are the first 3.8 trillion reasons…

Lately, asteroids have been getting a lot of press. Especially the potentially...

28th Oct

PHASTT-1 Observatory Telescope Giveaway Contest! Seriously.

Ok. So, as you probably already know, we want to build a...

27th Oct

Who Really Cares About The Threat of #Asteroid Impacts? You Might Be Surprised…

So, the big question is, if Homer J’s not worried, should you...

25th Oct